Facial Recognition
Toilet Paper Dispenser

Just swipe your face and get the paper!

SoLine Intelligent Facial Recognition Toilet Paper Dispenser is a device that a device that users can pick up paper on time according to quantity. When using this product, it can automatically send 60-100 cm toilet paper, all you have to do is point your face at the camera above the screen and keep it still for 3 seconds. Each person can only receive the paper once within the set time (default 9 minutes), and cannot get it again before the setting time. This paper dispenser not only improves paper waste, but also solves the dilemma that most public toilets are paperless.

Who are we ?
We are committed to making technology change our behavior

Established in 2014, Tianjin SoLine Technologies Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating production, R&D and sales. After 4 years of commercial development and market construction, SoLine Technologies has become a mature enterprise all over the country.
      In 2015, the company launched the world's first "Facial recognition Toilet paper Dispenser", so far has completed five product upgrades. As the pioneer of the intelligent paper supply equipment industry, we pay great attention to the research and development of new products, and have obtained a number of product technology patents.

Intelligent paper supply device industry - Soline Technologies

get paper in a fixed
time and quantity

What are our products?
Product model
What are the advantages of the product
Users(You)will enjoy a better toilet experience
  • Latest Biometric identification technology
  • Hd camera
  • Nanoscale, Color Correction
  • 0.3 Second Instant Sensing
  • Full Voice Guide
  • Self-service voice prompt
  • The interval between people can be adjusted (1-99 minutes)
  • The paper output length can be adjusted (60-100CM)
  • Automatic alarm for missing paper
  • Single-machine DECC encryption
  • Face data setting time automatically overrides
  • Industrial Grade 304 stainless Steel
  • 3 seconds automatic standby
  • 20w ultra low power consumption
  • Saving more than 70% of paper consumption
  • Unattended management
  • Seal paper storage and avoid secondary pollution

Privacy Policy

The user's facial information collected by the device is only for paper output, and will not be networked for other purposes. The collected user information will be automatically cleared within a certain period of time to prevent user information from leaking and ensure the privacy of the user. Please feel free to use it.

Where can we use our products?
Suitable for any upscale washroom
art gallery
Scenic Spot
Office Buildings
Transport Hub