A high-tech enterprise
specializing in biometrics

Research on intelligent
paper Dispenser!

Established in 2014, Tianjin SoLine Technologies Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, R&D and sales. After 4 years of commercial development and market construction, SoLine Technologies has become a mature enterprise all over the country.
At present, Soline Group owns the Soline Technology Operation Headquarters (Beijing), product production center (Tianjin), Soline R&D center (Shenzhen), Shanghai branch (Shanghai) and dozens of urban channel distributors who promote products throughout China. After 4 years of commercial development and market construction, Soline Technology has become a mature enterprise with a system throughout the country.

In 2015, the company launched the world's first "Facial recognition Toilet paper Dispenser", so far has completed five product upgrades. As the pioneer of the intelligent paper supply equipment industry, we pay great attention to the research and development of new products, and have obtained a number of product technology patents.
SoLine Intelligent Facial Recognition Toilet Paper Dispenser uses biometric technology and artificial intelligence technology to save more than 70% of the paper consumption in public health, contributing to the strength of science and technology companies for environmental protection.

Note - The data is derived from the statistics of the device user.

We are a strict company?
The default paper length (70 cm) and output interval (9 minutes) of Facial Recognition Toilet Paper Dispenser are data obtained from a series of meticulous survey statistics.
How to join us?
There are two ways for you
direct procurement of our device
You are party a
Even if you only purchase one piece of equipment, we will do our best to serve you!
Become our city partner
You are our agent
You are part of the Soline, in charge of urban area sales.
cooperative customers
Many users have in stalled and used our products.

By using our equipment, we can correct people's bad habits of excessive use of paper,
and make people in life to develop a good habit of saving.
This is what SoLine Technologies Co., Ltd. are for- technology changes behavior.